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25 Oct 2020



Hello, Everyone!

Indonesia has taken a leadership role within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in drafting a common outlook on the Indo-Pacific concept. Indonesia announced its own interpretation of the Indo-Pacific concept in 2018. Considering Indonesia's strategic position in the Indo-Pacific, will this announcement indicates the prospects of a more active Indonesian role in the region? Indonesia and India are two important nations in Asia that define the strength of this region. Together, they can set the course for economic and strategic direction in Asian and beyond. Indonesia and India have played an important role in creating a social harmonious East Asian community, not just within, but also in regional and global platforms. On this webinar, we will discuss about mantaining the ASEAN sovereignty and what role can India and Indonesia play. Sovereignty as norm was adopted to prevent any spread of communist ideology and terefore the practice of interference should be eliminated.

The other side we know the world is experiencing an unprecedented health crisis due to the corona virus pandemic. ASEAN and India have been badly affected in terms of both human health and economic conditions. There are many people have been infected and died due to the covid 19 virus according to WHO (World Health Organization).

This Indo-Pacific Regional webinar is split into two panels. On the first panel, we will discuss the topic about "Maintaining the ASEAN Sovereignty and What Role can India & Indonesia Play". On the second panel, we will discuss the topic about "ASEAN-India Relations in the Post Covid World". All the panel speakers come from some experts and master students from India and Indonesia. It's cool, isn't it ? So, what are you waiting for? Come join us to know more about the discussion, feel the best experience, and improve your global relationship by this webinar. We invite all of you. See you there! ????

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